06 April 2008

JB Outing - Part 2

The rest of the photos . . .

This is the money changer just outside the custom
Apparently they have one of the best rates around

VIDEO outside custom

Funny restaurant name

Waiting for cab

Albert looked so shocked

An abandoned shop so badly littered

Cam whores

This is the room in Hyatt



View outside the room

In the lift

The restaurant

Pool area

Group photo

VIDEO outside hotel
Pauline trying to put on make-up

Nasi Padang

We stayed in Hyatt


Nice . . .

Look carefully, you will see a huge spider web with a huge spider!


This part of JB is really refreshing
In fact it looks like another country

Found this interesting

Back in the room
3 continuos shot

Buy 4D?

Nice car plate
We ate in "Lucky Restaurant"
Lucky for them we ate there
Not lucky for us cuz the food is not that nice

From this pic it seems really delicious cuz it's all wiped out
But pictures are deceiving sometimes

After this dinner, we went back Hyatt, changed and proceeded to club. Photos already posed in previous posts. If you have missed them, click HERE.

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