25 April 2008

Gay discrimination again!

The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) has slapped Mediacorp, Singapore's only broadcaster with a hefty fine of $15,000. This is after Mediacorp breached one of the media policies of Singapore.

On Jan 13, acquired home and decor show "Find and Design" featuring a gay couple was screened all over Singapore island on Channel 5, at 7.30pm. This, according to the MDA, is a breach of the media policy that programs are not supposed to "promote, justify or glamorise gay lifestyle". That episode featured the gay couple having their adopted baby nursery being transformed.

This is only the 2nd time Mediacorp has been fined for media content issues.

The first time was when Mediacorp featured Chu Meifeng in 2002, with regards to her controversial sex scandal, on Prime time news on Channel 8.

Singapore is such a conservative society, with narrow minded governors.

I feel there is nothing wrong with that episode of Find and Design, and I do not think they were "promoting, justifying or glamorising" gay lifestyle? They were just re-designing their baby's nursery, for goodness sake!

Its not as if they were making out on TV?

Its 2008!

And when a society progresses as a whole, shouldn't their minds also progress?

What do you think?

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Robb said...

i can see both side of the coin here.

being gay myself, i know that this is definitely a discrimination towards different lifestyle.

but if you look at the government point of view, they are merely doing something to follow their own policies to prevent an outbreak of social norms.

Marc said...

Hi robb, but i feel they do not have to go to the extend of restricting TV programs like that, unless its a full fledged gay program, then i agree its against social norms.