30 April 2008

No Pig, Chicken Also Can . . .

On the day when Pauline was going back to Philiipines, Albert, Ernest and I spent quality time with her, as we won't get to see her for 1 month.

After work I brought them to my favourite Pig Organ Soup stall. This place serves the best Pig Organ Soup, in my opinion, and they have the best chilli around! I usually order the meat balls and lean meat mixed.

Full of anticipation, I brought them to Piggy Porky. We took a cab and alighted at Sago St, and to our greatest surprise, the store was closed for that day!

They were closed only for that day as they are open 7 days
a week. So were we "lucky" or "unlucky"?

Since we did not manage to eat Piggy Porky, I brought them
to the nearby Chicken Rice Shop. Ok, let me make it clear. This
shop is definitely not in my "TOP 5 List of Best Chicken Rice in
Singapore". The chilli is so-so, the service is really not that good.
Chicken is not as tender as I like it to be, and they over-charge.

So I do not recommend this Chicken Rice at all.

After the chicken rice, we slowly made our way to the Official
Opening of the Singapore Flyer. While waiting for a cab outside
Swissotel, l recorded a video. I think its quite silly, but just for fun.

After the Fireworks, we were kind of bored so i suggested we
go for coffee at the Esplanade. Then I suddenly had craving for
Haagan Daz Fondue. I remember the last time I had the Fondue
was like many years ago when I was still in CH, so I just had
to satisfy my craving.

The is the very delicious Fondue. Very generous serving of fruits,
ice-cream balls and biscuits.

Its is enough for 4 person.

Delectable selection

Delicious Milk Chocolate!

Bananas,Stawberries and green apples

Love letter and chocolate cookies

My all time favourite, the Ice-cream balls!!!

We were enjoying ourselves dipping our fruits and balls in the Fondue, chatting and laughing away, when we realised it was time for Pauline to go as her flight was midnight the same day.

Well, one month is not exactly long but it definitely not short. We are going to miss the banter with her, the friday nights out with her, singing ktv, laughing, looking at people, bitching, etc....

Till then, Pauline, we will miss you. Come back soon!

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Somewhere in Singapore said...

Hi Marc

Happy Labour Day to u!!! The food make me hungry liao... kekeke...

Mei Wah said...

wow... chocolate fondue... plus its from haagen daz! i never tried choco fondue before! your pictures do lure me to give it a try!