01 April 2008

So who knows me best?

The results to my "Friend Test"!

#1 - My dearest sister (27 years)

#2 - Ex colleague (3.5 years)

#3 - Colleague (7 months)

#4 - Ex colleague (3.5 years)

#5 - Colleague (3 months)

#6 - Colleague (3.5 years)

#7 - Colleague (3.5 years)

#8 - Friend (2 months)

#9 - Good Friend (10 years)

#10 - Friend (10 years)

(Of course when i say colleague or ex-colleague, we are friends too, but the initial contact is what i mean here)

From the results, it shows one thing, the amount of time we spend with our colleagues, way exceeds the time we spend with anyone else, even our close ones.

They may know you for a shorter period than any of your friends, but they will know better what you like and dislike.

I think its time for some catching up with some friends.

Right Estee?

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Irene said...

Hey dearie, I was shocked..thought I could score 100 ok..too bad..wonder whether it's coz i dunno u that well or it's coz memory failed me haha *excuses*
Am glad u're still blogging coz am enjoying reading them! keep it up n going!

Marc said...

ahaha, thks dear. I m glad u read this post. I was just thinking if you would ever get to read it. Anyway, its not that u dunno me well la, its that my preferrence changed over time I guess. Don't worry, u still know me well enough to one of my greatest friend.
And I am glad you still read my blog.