23 April 2008

Proven method to get you NANGED to the top!

I have been studying the trend in Nuffnang Innit for the past 2 days, and being a very data-oriented person, I finally realised something today which I would like to share with everyone, especially Nuffnangers, more so if you are a member of Innit.

What gets you nangs? See below for the answer!

Below is the list of the TOP 10 most nanged posts of all time.
(Data retrieved as of 22 April 2008 @ 8.45pm. As you are reading this post, the posts below are getting more nangs already.)

(1st) 125 - No one visits your blog? -> Blogging

(2nd) 104 - Why so cocky? nuffnang ad band 22 so what? -> Blogging

(3rd) 86 - 15yrs old girl had sex for 300 times.. -> Sex
(4th - 10th)
71 - What I hate about certain bloggers -> Blogging
69 - I HATE THAT BLOGGER!! -> Blogging
68 - Copycat blogger prowling for content - BEWARE!!! -> Blogging
65 - Link Your Blog To The MILLION BLOG LIST For More Readers!!! -> Blogging
63 - The "Beauty" of Dawn Yang -> Blogger
62 - Tips to increase blog traffic (My own tips la) -> Blogging
60 - Complaining about the Pajama Party! -> Nuffnang (Blogging)

Tada . . .

So, what do you see in common among the TOP 10 Innit posts?

Out of 10, 8 are about BLOGGING!
1 is about SEX, and the last one is somewhat related to BLOGGING too, becuz its about Nuffnang Pajama Party . . .

This just proves one thing, when you BLOG about something related to BLOGGING, and you INNIT it on NUFFNANG, INNIT members will start to NANG you to check out your posts about BLOGGING-related issues like how to increase traffic, how to get more nangs, or some Blog-fights.


Still not convinced?

I am . . . because today's post by blogger yinhao is the best example. He posted "Why so cocky? nuffnang ad band 22 so what?" just yesterday, and his post has been nanged to the 2nd place already. I am even saying that he will be on the top spot by tomorrow.

Why? Because everyone IS curious about this band 22 blogger and WANTS to learn from whoever he is . . .

So after reading this, the next time you want to write a post, do write about something related to blogging ok?

That is why I wrote this post!!!
And see, you nanged me? Have you?

(pls leave your comments)

22 Macro Voice(s):

pamsong said...

Haha. It's true.

Josh said...

Wow, you are fast to summarize it, and I agree with your analysis. ^_^

JuLJuL said...

Very true. =)

QuaChee said...

thanks for the summary. but if i can add my 2 sen worth, i dont think the general readers like to know so much (or have a clue on blogging)... hence, may not appreciate such posts.

of course, these are good posts - but i think they shouldnt be too many of them, unless its a full blog on Blogging Tips... now that's an idea? :)

Marc said...

Hi quachee, i totally agree with u, thats y this post is how to get yrself nanged to the top of Innit, and Innit basically has only bloggers as members, this members of Innit are USUALLY interested in blogging topics.

Of course we have to strike a balance, to reach out to the general readers and visitors as well with non-blogging-related topics, so these other ppl will keep coming back as well.

Samuel said...

hehe... curiosity kills the cat...

pinksterz said...

you forgot one more thing:

the word "boss stewie/timothy (tiah)"


curryegg said...

HOnestly.... it's TRUE!
Haha... And congratulation.. you're in top 2 now.. ;)

Btw, don't forget the word kennysia. It will bring you to the top 5 too.. ;)

KY said...

you forgot about "how to get to the top of innit" lol

Fireopal said...

interesting analysis

Sharoning Q. said...

Honestly Marc, I like your blog & enjoy reading it, especially some of d' factual stuffs u wrote straight into others' face.

:) Yet, somehow it also adds pressure on my grammatical error, if any.

Yay, keep it up with creativity!!!

Marc said...

Thks Sharon for such an affirmation. I will continue to write nice stuffs...

r.p said...

i don't nang it haha.

i open your link on nuffnang with new tab.. :D

pr1mero said...

Based on past experiences, I guess it's true. Even if you blog nonsense about Xiaxue, you can get to 1st... -.-

Tried and tested.

Just Jasmine said...

Nanged - Nice one :)

terence said...


being cheated into here...


but i guess u're right about the traffic increase...

The Malaysian Explorer said...

Thanks for sharing the tips. Sure you will be #1 ++.

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Suburbanzero said...

i nanged this post...dang!


Shu Fen said...

Great post!

So true :)


Vicissitudes of Life

Marc said...

r.p, its ok you didn't nang it, at least you read this post!

pr1mero, yes, you are spot on.

Just Jasmine, thanks for the nang and compliments.

Terence, cheated into coming here? In what way were you cheated? HAha!

The Malysian Explorer, you are welcomed.

Suburbansero, so did you nang or dang? Whichever, thanks anyway! LOL

Shu Fen, thanks!

Viya said...

You are right about this, dude! :)

♥ Renise said...

haha. great one!