18 April 2008

I lost my luggage, and found it on sale on Ebay!

That was what many people claimed when they lost their luggage at the Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 at London.

Thousands of luggage have been lost in the airport and they have not been found.

What happened to their luggage?

Some travellers have lodged complaints that they saw their items being auctioned off on Ebay few days later after the incident happened. Items like scarves, belts, shirts, and even shoes. Other than selling on Ebay, these nasty ones actually placed the items on auction in an auction house in South London called Greasbys.

I find this totally unethical because some passsengers were left totally stranded with all of their belongings "gone" when they arrived at the airport, some there for a hoilday or honeymoon.

Apparently, these luggage were not lost intentionally, but due to the baggage system that was in place in the new terminal. But the syndicate that found the luggage bank in on the monetary gains, and started selling off these victim's valued items in flea markets, auction houses, and auction websites.

If I were the victim, i think I would be super pissed because it seems the airport is not actively doing something about these lost luggage.
Among the list of lost items were Prada bags, Gucci shoes, LV belts, etc.

Supermodels Kate moss and Naomi Campbell were among victims who lost their luggage. According to news agencies, Kate lost 8 pieces of her Louis Vuitton Luggage which contained prototypes for her fashion range, as well as for fashion giant Topshop.

She also lost a birthday present from one of her friends which cost SGD$27,000!!!

British Airways has offered her compensation of $27,000, but Kate is asking for $54,000.

But what about her 8 LV luggages? Isn't the airport or BA going to compensate her? OMG. I cannot believe if its me, cuz I am going to go ballistic! LV, not Samsonite!

I hope Heathrow Airport will start looking into their baggage system, otherwise I think this would bring great impact to the visitors to London!

I am paranoid about checking my luggage in after reading about this incident!!!

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KY said...

so you didn't lose your luggage did you? heh

Marc said...

No la, i didn't. Its just a catchy title. Haha

Rockerteers said...

Well, I have experienced baggage delay for a week when I travel to Bali. So everyday I have new clothes. This is due to the negligence of the check in counter staff who did not tag my luggage. Luckily I bought travel insurance + u must make an immediate report at the airport you touchdown.

Secondly make an immdiate claim (baggage delay claim) if it is still not reach you the next day from the respective airline.There's a contract behind the airline ticket that says abt baggage delyed/lost. READ!

Well, if you see your items are on sale at ebay, report to ebay that it is a stolen item and forward them your reports that you have made.

Lastly, leave behind any expensive/valuable stuff i.ejewelleries, NRIC, branded bags(don't think it is necessary)behind while travelling to avoid any unwanted incidents to happen to you.Travel Safe!

Marc said...

Hey thanks Rokerteers for such a detailed comment. And really good tips for travellers.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Hi Marc

Dropping by to say hi to u...

Ed said...

OMG......iam shocked sia how the luggage get lost...and end up on ebay ....

Akira 思胜 said...

I will get crazy if I lost my luggage at airport... I will complain until the airport do something for me...