12 April 2008

Office decoration / Interns last day / Friday night out

Recently redecorated the call floor to make the place more exciting. As the current theme for my team is BINGO, we have BINGO-mised the entire call floor.

Colourful BINGO balls are placed all over the ceiling

Disco BINGO, one of the concepts. This disco ball is handmade!

Trying to glamourise the BINGO words with lights

BINGO balls placed on every corner of cubicle

Life-sized BINGO card

Life-sized BINGO machine

Close up of the BINGO balls

Friday was the last day of my 4 wonderful interns Ming, Jackson, Muhdy and Zai. They were with us for 2 full months, and I am glad they have improved a lot in all aspects of their work. We handed out the certificate of appreciation to the best intern in our department and he is none other than Liang Ming.

Ming is a very dedicated worker and has a very good attitude towards colleagues as well as superiors. He is well-liked because he is always willing to lend his hand to help in anything we require him to. Overall I think this batch of interns are ok, and I am lucky the ones allocated to my team are really the cream of the crop.

I guess they also brought something back with them and that is invaluable work experience and communication skills, which is the key to their job.

Some pics of the interns:

This is Ze Peng

We did a simple farewell for the intens with a delicious
Banana Chocolate cake from Royal

This is Ming

This is Jackson, also a very hardworking intern.
If there is a most improved intern award, it would be him.


He actually gave me a Thank You card and I really feel appreciated.
Sometimes little actions like this really make my day!

After work, we went to Lu for KTV then to Double O.
Jennefer and Pauline posing again



Make a guess what is this?

After 1 and a quarter of Chivas, we made out way to Dbl O. Actually after the unpleasant incident that time, I kind of boycott the place already. However, i decided to give them another chance and I think it was great!

We got really quite buzzed because throughout the night, we drank a mixture of alcohol. From Chivas to Bacardi and then to beer.

This time surprisingly we did not stay til the end because we were all tired and we left around 2am in the morning.

Great night out!

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pauline said...

my pics r soo funny!!! i had a blast last night.. we all had a good buzz. i just don't know with albert, surprisingly, he really has a high tolerance for alcohol! omg im gonna miss u guys with the month that il be away....