04 April 2008

Bad things happen to good people, ALL THE TIME!

Met up with Gladys yesterday. I think we really shared a lot. Have always regarded Glad as one of my really close friends since CH days, in fact my closest gal friend that time. I guess work and time constraint and the fact that she was attached created an invisible wall between us.

I am amazed that even now I am still so comfortable with her, that the moment I saw her, I knew we could connect immediately again. You know how awkward it gets with friends you don't talk to for ages? I get that all the time, but with Glad it was instant connection.

Due to time constraint yesterday, we had only 2 hours to ourselves and I think we had barely got to the gist of any topic we were on yesterday.

Yesterday I finally shared with Glad the poly drama that changed my life, one that still haunts me today when I think of it. I also shared about that uncle I still call bastard today who slapped me repeatedly during the time I was most vulnerable.


Today I stand strong and say I have overcome all these, because I know what I want, and I know I live my life with no regrets.

Even if I have to live my life all over again, I would still choose the path I am currently on.

Maybe minus that stupid bastard uncle whom I can't forgive til now.

You would think I am rude to call him a bastard, but if you had gone thru what I went thru, you might have killed him!

Back to topic:

Glad, I am happy you shared with me so much yesterday and I just want you to know whatever you choose or do, I will always give you my support. Life is not smooth-sailing and we know this best. Remember we live our life only once, so as long as you are happy, do not be bothered by those silly people in Suntec (only we know who). After all they are just a superficial bunch of people and its no point getting emotional over them. Love people fervently? My foot!

I really wonder why bad things always have to happen to my loved ones. Seen too many cases lately.

Maybe "bad things really happen to good people". Something I learned from KH many years back.

EMO. What is life without trials and tribulations right?

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Akira 思胜 said...

Bad things do happen in our life always... But that is the time for us to learn how to solve the problems...