31 December 2007

Last 9 hours to 2008 - EMO

I am getting emotional now. So much have happened this year. . .

Bad decisions made, some friends lost, new opportunities found, bad relationships ended, old friends reunited. . . where do i even start?

All I can say is I have lived 2007 to the fullest indeed.
Decision to leave F to re-join E was one of the toughest decision this year. I really want to thank S and P for having me back here, and till now I did not regret my decision. Its almost 3 months now, and I am enjoying every bit here. Though I had to leave my comfort zone in F where 80% of my agents are A players, and had to start from scratch to build my team, all is history now.
I just hope in the year 2008, we can excel as a team, as a company.
Another major event this year was my reunion with Esther. It was a sweet thing as I have always regarded her as my God-sis, but due to some harsh misunderstandings, we gave each other time to cool down before we decided to talk. And guess how long we cooled down? 1 whole year! If not for the ex-HSBC gathering, we might not even have talked again.

All in all, I want to say thank you to all my friends for making my 2007 a very special year. I have gained a lof of life experiences this year, and I must say I have mature a lot this year, all thanks to harsh circumstances, I am a better person I am sure.

I hope in 2008, this blog can be my sharing ground. Well, I am not like everyone else, as I do not have someone at home I can share my life with, so I shall share my innermost emotions here, hopefully someone can identify.

Lets all put 2007 aside, as in just 9 hours time,

2007 shall be history and 2008 the future!

The future is ours to make!

2008, here I come!

30 December 2007

Funny Pictures

Enjoy these pictures:

And lastly,

Just Kidding. Have a great Sunday!

29 December 2007

Zodiac 2008 (Part 2 of 12 - Ox)

牛Ox Born in: 1925 1937 1949 1961 1973 1985 1997

Intelligent and self-confident. Patient and methodical, helpful and hardworking. Although they might appear rigid and slow, a kind and active mind is beneath. A Natural born under works systematically, the Ox is responsible for family and believes in authority but is sometimes too stubborn and traditional.The Ox or the Buffalo sign symbolizes prosperity through fortitude and hard work. A person born during this year will be dependable, calm and methodical. A patient and tireless worker, he sticks to routine and conventions. Although he is generally fair-minded and a good listener, it is difficult to make him change his views as he is stubborn and often has strong prejudices.Still, because of his steady and trustworthy character, the Ox person will be entrusted with positions of authority and responsibility. He will not fall short where duty calls. As a matter of fact, he should be careful not to get carried away.

The Ox likes: Tradition, Appreciation, Organisation, Sobriety and Routine
The Ox dislikes: Gimmicks, Parties, Gossip, Laziness and Being Teased

Compatible Animals: Rat, Snake, Rooster
Incompatible Animals: Dragon, Horse, Goat, Dog, Rabbit

Your Luck In Year 2008
Overall Forecast
The sun is shining high; mentor luck is visible and is an excellent year. If opportunities are make the most of, together with mentor support, your career will be brought to greater heights. Undertakings should not be hasty; rather, you should do thorough planning and execute steadily to succeed. Business luck is good yet love luck is down with undulation.Lucky star is in your life cycle. It is a good time for business establishment or expansion. Working Rats have to be proactive and diligent, and avoid romance with colleagues, to prevent career impediment. Note the mental fatigue and procrastination. Elderly has to take note of heart problem, consume plain meals, and take extra note of eye problem.Use this year to get more acquaintance. Mentor luck comes from foreign lands and luck flow from 4 directions, resulting in considerable wealth. Do not pursue windfall aggressively, so leave it to fate. The married will face romance curse, so think of your spouse and be disciplined. The singles will meet their dream love and develop it further.

These are excellent time for business establishment, but prepare a thorough business plan first and do not be hasty to rush into execution. Success is expected with the proper use of opportunities, and aid from mentors. Work environment faces uncertainties; avoid office romance to gain career progress. Female Ox faces lower luck level than male counterpart; beware of falling into love trap, causing loss in wealth and chastity.

Love luck is ever changing; peach blossom romance is coming from everywhere. This is a challenge for married couple to remain faithful, where a moment of folly will cause lasting regrets. The single will be able to meet the dream love and get into romance rapidly. For the lovers, news of marriage is in the air. The Ox must know the dangers of lustful behaviour. Summer is the period of highly blossoming love luck.

Lucky star is shining brightly, wealth luck is coming in strong; in particular those born in 1973 will do great in distant areas and receive vast incoming wealth, which is good for establishing business. Be prudent in investments, hastiness begets failure. Business dealings are profiting; manage the income and profits flows in doing greatly; wealth and profits flow in readily. Take precaution against raiding, wealth should not be flaunted.

Frequent business entertainment together with increase smoking and alcohol consumption will hurt your health. You should not sacrifice healthiness of daily meals for unwholesome delicious taste. Do not speed to avoid accidents and summons. Youngsters should avoid water activities. The married should be aware of peril of one-night stands. Elderly with chronic illness should do regular checkup and listen to doctor’s advice.

28 December 2007

Zodiac 2008 (Part 1 of 12 - Rat)

鼠Rat Born in: 1924 1936 1948 1960 1972 1984 1996 2008

The Rat is charming and humourous, honest and meticulous. Although they can give good advice, they cannot necessarily decide for themselves. May be power hungry, petty or greedy, Bright, sociable and highly ambitious. A true opportunist to reach the target. Passionate and good to her lover. Yet likes to gamble and spend lavishly.The charm of the Rat personality is as universally known and loved as the Walt Disney character, Mickey Mouse. He could be forthright and honest but in such a disarming manner that you find yourself at a disadvantage.Remarkably easy to get along with, hard working and thrifty, he will be generous only to those he is inordinately fond of, so if you get an expensive gift from him, you should certainly rate yourself high in his esteem. However, in spite of his penny-pinching ways, he will never be found wanting for admirers as he emits such fantastic appeal.

The Rat likes: bargains, Negotiation, Winning, Trust and Gambling.
The Rat dislikes: Boredom, Timetable, Poverty, Loneliness and Reprimands.

Compatible Animals: Dragon, Monkey, Ox
Incompatible Animals: Goat, Horse, Rabbit, Rooster

Your Luck In Year 2008
Overall Forecast
You have a lot of inauspicious stars in your life cycle this year, where you also happen to meet your own life year (conflicting with Tai Sui). You will encounter work obstructions. Fortunately, if you are composed and flexible to changes, be steady and keep a low profile, you might be able to quell the danger. Meantime, you have the protection of Jiang Xing star, which enables you to break through obstacles in most times. Career and fortune luck will see breakthrough, but be cautious of gossiping, which may affect love luck.From the career perspective, your career may meet turbulence, yet miracles will happen often. Good personal relationship with others will be a boost to career and entrepreneurship. This is a year of change, where change of jobs, position will be common. The matters of health are fine, but prevent catching a cold or overwork. Be careful of injuries and accidents, falls and injured limbs when at outdoors.
Wealth luck is excellent but it is not suited for gambling, not even for high risk speculative activity. You should eradicate the spendthrift habit, and beware of wealth luck dissipating. Love is in the air and full of romance. But mean person is in the way, where the lovers are principally affect by the adverse effect of gossips and rumours.

Even though Rat offends Tai Sui, the auspicious stars are present to provide you assistance to subdue dangers and misfortunes. Career luck is stable with some obstructions present, but you can breakthrough it. Find means to improve affiliation with others, avoid making enemies, or dealing with illegal business. Pay attention to your noble persons, as they are the tremendous drive in your career or entrepreneurship. Do not let the desire of achieving good results overwhelm your judgment. Be prudent and live by your words.

Your romance luck for this year is quite steady, though the fear is that gossips can distress the love life. The married couples in particular, should acutely manage worrisome scandalous rumours; otherwise, the disharmony will fragment the family.

Wealth luck is smooth sailing, and rational investment will reap fruits of labour. Do not get involved in risky, speculative and get rich-fast scheme. Be more prudent in money matters. Control your expenditures. You should not place hopes on windfall and gambling luck this period. Beware of your wealth luck draining away in the end of the year. Be vigilant when business socializing, and avoid scandalous affairs so as to avert lawsuits.

Health is quite good but injuries are likely, so it is wise not to drink and drive. Avoid dark small lane at night to avert mugging and injuries. The elderly Rat should not climb high to reach for items. Take extra precaution when handling sharp objects.

27 December 2007

Pay-Per-Play, the internet marketing revolution!

I stumbled upon this latest breakthrough technology that is going to take the blogging and e-commerce world by storm.

Pay-Per-Play (PPP)!

PPP works on a bid management system similar to Google but pays better than Google. Their transparency with their paying system has won the hearts of many bloggers and thus even before their launch date, many bloggers and website owners have already signed up for this new tool in internet marketing.

It is totally different from Google Adsense as publishers (bloggers / website owners) will earn revenue on 100% of their traffic... no clicks necessary!

Best part is there is totally no cost involved to sign up, and the launch date is slated to be Feb 2008 (2 months time!)

To read more about this exciting news, just click on THIS

I hope everyone who reads this entry can benefit from this information. Pls pass this news on,
before Feb 2008!

26 December 2007

First day back in office

Whoa, I am finally back in office after a 15 days "break"! No, I was not on leave or holiday, I was having my FIRST in-camp training.

I love the Christmas trees at the reception area that greeted me when I stepped into the office.
Then it was back to . . . checking my emails! There were so many emails, I almost died reading all of them, so I decided to only read those from S and P, cuz those are of priority. I had so many reports to clear, so many tabulations to do, so many evaluations to complete, so many meetings to catch up on, and so many projections to do.

The whole day I was practically glued to my seat, I didn't even go for any toilet breaks.
Halfway thru my hectic work, 3 of my staffs, Jee, Buva and Zee barged in and shouted "Merry Christmas!" with a Raoul paperbag in hand. "Marc, this is from all of us!" I was very touched as I received the presents. It was a shirt from Raoul's latest collection and a box of chocolates. I was speeachless as I did not expect them to buy me a present since I was absent during the Christmas celebration.

At this point, I took out the presents I prepared for them as well. They were excited when I passed them theirs, and they behaved like kids, all of us were happy.
Look at how happy Pauline was.

Time flew really fast! After completing about 50% of my back-lot, it was time to knock off! As usual, how can I end a day in EF without a drink in BQ? Me and Joshua headed down to have our dinner in our favourite Bak Kut Teh restaurant. After the very expensive $32 Bak Kut Teh meal, we went down to Access Room to chill, with Eunice.
As usual, my favourite Chivas!

My favourite snacks!
Joshua and his favourite pool.

After finishing our drinks, sung a few songs, played a few games, we headed home at around 1am. Another day has past.

25 December 2007

Christmas at Ice (not Christmas on Ice)

Me and Irene went to watch the movie Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium at AMK Hub today. I think its a good show, but just a little too predictable. And I feel that when the story was at its peak, it ended! A bit over the top though with its dramatic moving magical toys. Haha. But it brings out the imaginative child in all of us. Dustin Hoffman was great with his protrayal of Mr Magorium as I enjoyed every wise words that came out of his mouth. He is 233 years old in the movie by the way, so you can imagine how wise he is. I especially remember one advice he gave to Natalie Portman in one scene.

"Life is an occasion, rise to it."

Then at around 9pm, we headed down to this pub in YCK call Ice.

Esther and Jay jio us de, so we went down Ice instead of my usual BB at BQ. When we went there, there wasn't many people in the pub so me and Irene thought to ourselves that we can finally have a "crowd-free" Christmas.

But . . .by 10pm, the people started streaming in and by 11pm, it was packed!
The crowd there is slightly different from those in BQ. They are not rowdy, more civilised and has the young, to the very old. I even saw one auntie probably in her 60s outside the pub smoking area.

To entertain ourselves, we played this drinking game.

As you can see, there are 3 rock glasses and 2 shot glasses. Basically everyone gets a turn to throw a dice, if you kena 1-5 respectively, you basically drink from the glass if its filled with alcohol, otherwise, you fill it to any amount if its empty. If you drink, you basically keep your turn until you throw the number of an empty glass. Yes, its very shiong!
And you are right, this is a mindless brainless drinking game as you cannot control your own fate unlike some drinking games. You just base it on pure luck and drink, drink, drink.

Thats not all, if out of 5 glasses, 4 glasses are filled. When it is your turn and you happen to roll the number of that one empty glass, your next player drinks ALL, yes ALL! I kena this twice! Karen (below pic on the right, seen with Irene) kena the most! And we concluded its due to her red top that brought her the luck! Haha.

And you must be wondering what about the number 6? It is a reverse function. So if you try to sabo someone by pouring a lot, and your next player throws a 6, you might be at risk of drinking the same glass you just poured! Karen kena this too. Funny.

The worst thing is we had to play this with beer all thanks to Jay and Q who can't drink Chivas which I was happily consuming b4 the game, so you can imagine the mixture in my body. Horrible.
After doing this for about 1 hour, we all surrendered and decided to stop. So all went out to smoke.
At about 11.30pm, the KTV pub became a disco as they invited a DJ to spin. Wow, I was impressed they have such an arrangement for a small pub. The music was great. Everyone was grooving, and then came the moment.
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Merry Christmas!!!!!
We partied till about 3.30am then we went our separate ways as Jay was a bit high. This was a fun Christmas, and one more such celebration is coming . . .
NEW YEAR! December really gives us a lot of reasons to party man!
Cheers to all!

24 December 2007

Christmas Eve

I can't really busk in this year's Christmas season at all as my in-camp training lasted all the way til 21 Dec. By then, I was frantically searching for presents for my loved ones and some friends.

I received my first present from Jason. He is so funny. He bought me this water dispenser as he said I seldom drink water in my office, so he wants me to drink more water with that. I think it is really a thoughtful gift.

Gifts like this are heart-warming as it tells u that the person was thinking about u when he was buying it.

This year I will be celebrating with Yun, Jason, Jie, Jay, Irene, Joshua and most prob Q, Dong and the rest ba.

To me since I drink so often n make merry so often, I do not really find Christmas special anymore.

I miss last time when I go for carolling, eat turkey, hold candles, sing Silent Night. Those were memorable days with Berean, and those are what i really call Chrsitmas.

Christmas IS really about Christ (Jesus) and not about merry making, Santa Claus or the Christmas lightings in Orchard.

Well, I guess Christmas is a time of catching up with old friends and meeting new friends too.

I wish everyone a


23 December 2007


Singapore Science Centre recently rebranded and renamed itself. And voila, the new name is . . .

(drumroll please)

Science Centre, Singapore!

Yes, I believe anyone would have the same reaction as me. Its not your eyes playing tricks on you, this is call globalisation. Anyone would have guessed, this move is to stay relevant. Relevant to be a global brand.

Just a comma and now Science Centre, Singapore really feels globalised. Haha. Humph.

Next time you introduce yourself, pls remember to add that global name behind.

Marc, Singapore

22 December 2007

To blog in 2008

I have decided to really start blogging in 2008. Reason being: I have so many stories, ideas, grievances, happiness, sorrows to share, but becuz I didn't have a blog in the past, I could only silently keep it all to myself. I have thus decided that in 2008, all these shall be penned, and I hope it can be read by people from all walks of life, and I hope there can be constructive feedback as well as comments on my blog as well.

I have however chosen to remain anonymous as this was initially the way blog was invented. This is to protect myself and also the privacy of my friends.

I hope everyone will enjoy reading my blog!