23 August 2008

Lunch at Imperial Herbal & Sinchi Tcafe

Met Serene for lunch at Imperial Herbal and Sinchi Tcafe at Vivocity. Before we decided on this place, we were spoilt for choices and stared at the list of restaurants at the information counter for a good 5 mins. Finally, we made up our minds to try the food here.

Very bright, good ambience, they have mandarin pop piano pieces playing in the background which makes dining even more relaxing

The restaurant is very spacious, tables are far apart from one another and its good for diners who want privacy

Nice "traditional chinese medicine" corner

The chairs here are very unique. Very comfy. And can you tell what the shape of the chair is?

Here is another view of the chair

We started our meal with this "compulsory" pickle dish

Condiments were readily served once we were seated

This is Serene's choice of coup. Some beef tendon soup. Its yummy, like beef noodle soup, but thicker.

This is my soup. The eight treasures soup. So so only.

This is very delicious. The Spring Onion Pancake. A Must try!

GuoTie or dumpling. Nicely pan fried. Fragrant crispy skin. Good!

This is the Cold Salted Duck. A tad too salty. A little too cold. Not recommended.

Seafood fried rice. Prawn is not fresh, but rice is nicely fried, very fragrant.

Serving Portion: Medium

Presentation: Good

Taste: Good

Quality: Prawn not too fresh. Food mostly served hot. Condiments are generously portioned.

Ambience: Very Good, soothing music in the background

Crowd: Families and couples

Service: Good, the captain who took our our order told us we ordered too many dishes and explained that certain dish that we ordered were in big portions. Honest.

Value for Money: Yes

Overall: Good. We walked out satisfied. I would recommend this to my friends.

4 Macro Voice(s):

Serene said...

best part is the choice of company ;)

btw u shd read this.. dunno whether you missed this.. hope you never do this to any of your staff.. haha

Marc, 27 said...

serene, it is funny..

JunJun-Riko said...

the guo tie looks nice ler....

Marc said...

jun, the guo tie is nice but the onion pancake is nicer!