13 February 2009

Christmas Gift Exchange Party

Christmas Gift Exchange Party @ Patrick's Place

What is Christmas without a Christmas Tree?

All our presents under the tree.

Pat and Joanna

Joanna unwrapping her present from Patrick.

Joanna, Patrick and Pauline

Joanna handing her present to Pauline.

Pauline unwrapping her present.

Lovey-dovey Albert and Yenny

Haha, Albert look so young in this photo.

Albert, Patrick and Pauline

Albert and Pauline

Albert's turn to unwrap his present.

Nice orange box

A baby blue t-shirt from Gap

My turn to receive my present.

Making a guess what it is.

A handmade card

Me and Albert

Me unwrapping my present

Oh, its an Adidas singlet and towel! Notice the security tag is still on the merchandise? LOL... Apparently the cashier forgot to remove it after Albert paid for it. The next day, Albert had to go back to the same store to have it removed.

Its a thoughtful gift, as we had planned to go jogging together after he moves to Hougang.

And now my turn to give.

By now, Patrick already knows I am giving my present to him, as he was the only one left without a present!

Me saying something nice about Patrick before handing over his present.

Merry Christmas my dear friend!

Me and Pat

Too many cameras, don't know where to look...

Patrick opening my present to him.

Its from OSIM.

What could it be?

Albert and Yenny looking on in curiosity.

Uzair and Joanna couldn't figure out what that was...

Patrick, puzzled. What the heck is that man?

Its looks like a pillow...

I had to demonstrate so everyone knows how to use it.

Its a massage wrap! (NAP Massage Wrap) I bought this for Patrick as I know he has frequent headaches and neck aches, thus he can conveniently wrap this around his neck and work at the same time.... It works on batteries, and the massage is really quite confortable. I have tried it myself prior to buying it.

No wonder they say "its more blessed to give than to receive". When I saw how happy Patrick was, I was really overwhelmed with happiness too!

At this point, his brother returned home.

Introducing his brother to us...

Pauline took this opportunity to try out the massage wrap...

"How come I didn't get this?" I then whipped out my personal present for her, the OSIM iBrush.

Everyone taking turns to try the massage wrap.

Albert checking his new t-shirt out.

Me, Albert, Yenny and Pauline

Me bored...

Burns and Joanna

Marc & Pau

Albert & Yenny

"Try this cake, I made it myself for you guys!"

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