01 February 2009

Gina's Wedding Ceremony at Woodlands Community Club

Gina held her wedding ceremony at Woodlands Community Club. I was actually invited to both her ceremoney in JB and Singapore, but I have politely declined attendance for the JB one as it was a little too far for me.

When we arrived at 2pm, we saw the lobby of the community centre filled with dancers from her ceremony.

Gina booked the entire multi purpose hall for her wedding.

The hall was turned into a beautiful banquet hall.

Very grand stage

In all muslims wedding, there is always the buffet spread...

This is what I took for myself. Just some mutton and my favourite Chicken Merah.

At about 3 plus, the bride and the bride groom arrived.

The were accompanied by a lot of dancers and a very elaborated traditional ceremony. It was my first time attending a muslim wedding thus I was right in front.

Some traditional dancers riding on wooden horses, apparently these are symbolic of something.

Couple making their way to the entrance.

Of course the percussionists... they create the rhythm for the entire ceremony.

Going up the stage

All her friends and relatives snapping pictures away.

On stage, they continue they ritual.

Then the bride and groom sat on the "throne"

The fruits and kuey spread

Drinks section

I got this after I passed my red packet to her mother-in-law.

Inside the paper bag contains this butter cup cake.

They only had 2 kinds of beverages there. Coffee and Tea. Or this blue syrub. The kind that our schools used to sell for like 10cents per cup. (during my time)

The they Emcee invited me and my colleagues up for a phototaking with the bride and groom.

Bouquet of flowers on every table.

I really like the stage, its so beautiful...

And during the intermission when the couple were not around, they had this karaoke session where guests can go up and sing a song of their choice to entertain the other guests. Well, they obviously didn't have Lee Shengjie or Yoga Lin, so I didn't get to sing. LOL.

This lady sang pretty well.

When were were leaving, Irene arrived, however, we just accompanied her for an hour, and we left, the rest of us, namely Joanna, Yenny, Albert, KayLee and myself, then proceeded to Hooked on Steamboat at East Coast (Marine Cove) for a barbeque steamboat dinner.

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