23 May 2010

Bali Day One

Bali Trip.
Day 1: On KLM to Bali.
Rashida, Joanna and I


Looking out of the window

KLM flight is pretty much like a SIA flight, as they also have personal inflight entertainment system to entertain you.

Singapore is so green...

Jerry, Cassie and Lynn

I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Rashida and Joanna posing AGAIN.

The food onboard KLM is good, slightly better than some other airlines.

Cabin Crew

After all the anticipation, we arrived at Bali, Indonesia!

In this airport, you will not have to worry about locating a Money Changer, as there are at least twenty of them, in a row!

After a tiring 45mins ride, we finally arrived at our Private Villa!!!
Its luxurious!
This private villa belongs to a Caucasian man.
Rental includes a Maid, a Chauffeur, a Chef, a Gardener and Security Guards outside your gate.

Welcome drink for all of us, so thoughtful!

This living room is for Jerry, Albert and myself as we took the Master Room.

A bigger than usual bath tub that can fit about 3 ladies, as proven by Lynn, Cassie ad Lynn.

View of our private pool from my room

After busking in the luxury for about 30mins, and unpacking our luggage for a bit, we wasted no time, and were chauffeured to Ku De Ta, apparently one of Bali's most high end chill out place.

Look at the beach

Drinks here are generally quite expensive. they cost about SGD$20plus per glass, so you can imagine how high end this place is since we are spending Ruppiah!

A group pic

Lisel and I

Lisel, me and Jerry

Albert, Lisel, me and Jerry

Cassie and Lynn, the CHOR LOR ladies...

Joanna, Rashida, Cassie, Lynn and Kelly

Joanna and Rashida

Albert and Lisel

Our drinks

The Food

All in all, we spend MILLIONS in Ku De Ta, in Ruppiah, that is.

End of Day 1!

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