10 April 2009

Creative Inventions!

Saw these very unique creations on the internet!

See-through Toaster, so you will never have to worry about over toasting your bread!

Laser-pointer Scissors, so you will always cut in a straight line!

Lock-it-up Cup, so no one else can ever steal your mug from the pantry / ktchen because you need the key to be inserted in, for the cup to contain liquid!

Coffee Cup with biscuits slots, so you do not need to serve your guests with separate cups and side plates for buscuits.

Lastly, I love this!
Put these 2 cuddly hands on your babies, and they will sleep soundly, feeling secured, and thinking those are your hands!

Kudos to creative people!
You guys are genius!

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Evann said...

Hmm.. I think these concepts are not feasible. Firstly, where's the heating elements on the toaster? You can't toast your bread with glass.

Wouldn't the laser scissors only create a single dot-point on the object you're trying to cut, since there really needs to be some form of reflective device to create a line from the laser pointer?

The lock-up cup seems rather selfish. And what if you forgot to bring your key? Noone would lend you their mug cuz of your selfish nature. What goes around, comes around.

Coffee cup with biscuit slots seemed interesting at first. But it's somewhat limited. What if you want to serve scones, cakes or fruits? And how do you replenish your guests supply of biscuits once they've finished? Or do you plan to just give them 2 biscuits and no more? This, of course, would be fine for personal use. :)

Hands on babies.. Erm... Parenting is one of the joys of raising a child. If a parent needs something to replace them, then they're just not ready for a baby.

These are just my opinions anyway. Hope you didn't find them offensive, and I apologise if you did. =/

Marc said...

Evann, of course I won't be offended, those are your views. Actually I quite agree with some of the points you mentioned. Thanks for your analysis!

David said...

hi hi .. visiting u back!! wanna exchange link?

Marc said...

David, sure! I have added u upon request, so pls just link me back ok?

David said...

hey, linked u

renaye said...

i have seen those locked up cups before!

Marc said...

David, thanks.

Renaye, really? Hmm.. I have yet to see any of these items.

Chris Thoo said...

I've seen the scissors in Ikano Power centre before. Basically they're just a pair of scissors with a red light shooting straight on the paper you're cutting. It's good because you have a line to follow. It's bad because you'll rely too much to it because you don't one day, our great grand children will yell out loud, "OMG, THE BATTERY DIED OFF! FUCK... I CAN'T CUT STRAIGHT ANYMORE!!!!!"...


it's selling for RM40 something yea

Marc said...

Chris, is it? Ikano Power Centre is Ikea is it? I believe you are talking about KL? Because in Singapore, Ikano is known as Ikea, and I am not sure if Ikea sells this scissors.

Nonetheless, I think the joy of cutting should not be reliant on a laser line. Yup, you are right.