24 April 2009

Pretty & Adorable Zaylee's Birthday

Its beautiful Zaylee's birthday....

Ronald seems more excited opening the present...

Ronald, Maureen and kids posing with the present I gave Zaylee.

All the kids in the house got all excited fixing up the dressing table.


Younger brother Zacky looking in envy.

What a pretty dressing table.

Pose with your new dressing table.

Fiddling with the "hair-dryer"

Me giving some attention to Zacky.

Entertaining herself, playing doll-up.

"No one plays with me" :(

So Zaylee starts "dressing" Zacky up. "I will comb your hair."

"Now put on some lipstick"

Zacky got agitated acting as model, and decided to walk off. Zacky is only about 1 year old, he sure look big for his age.

Mummy giving Zacky the attention he needs.

Ronald has such beautiful and adorable kids, doesn't he?

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Serene said...

zacky is so cute, reminds me of my own baby nephew. XD

Marc said...

Serene, indeed. My attention was on Zacky most of the time although it was Zaylee's birthday!