27 December 2009

Yacht Ride (Marina at Keppel Bay) / Kusu Island

11 of us, including my CEO, went for a Yacht Ride during one weekday, to get ourselves away from the pressures of work. I took Jerry's car, and we met with a slight traffic jam.

We arrived at Marina at Keppel Bay. I have been here before, not for the same purpose, but to chill out at this bar call Prive, opened by my ex boss, Michael Lu.

This is where our Yacht is parked.

Some things to take note

My boss

Our Yacht

Sam talking to the in charge

Onboard with us are the captain and his assistant

This is the captain giving us a briefing before the yacht ride begins

Smoking time

There are two bedrooms, this is the master room

Valiant swimming

Out yacht license plate

Val floating

We arrived at Kusu Island

Still had to pay $0.50 for admission

Sitting around, waiting for everyone to assemble

Kusu Island is a place where people come to pray, thus there are a lot of temples here.

We look like tourists, don't we?

Kusu Island is all about tortoises...

Ella and Shida

A group pic at the coffeeshop

Told you its all about tortoises here!

Da Bogong Temple

There is a structure of a Food Centre here, but no stalls. According to Jerry, this food centre is only operational during peak periods where people come here and pray, for example Vesak Day.

Tortoise Sanctuary

Cassie and I

Bollywood stars

Is Kusu Island owned by Sentosa Group?

If you want to find out more about Kusu Island, you can read the history here.

They say if you eat this fruit, you become mute.

All of us just standing around, enjoying the breeze.


Sam, deep in thoughts.

Its really peaceful and laid back here, no signs of the busy city, no vehicles, nothing, just trees, temples, tortoises and the vast ocean...

No lifeguard on duty!

This is the floating restaurant, Cheng Ho.
One of my options for my DND this year, we chose Suntec afterall.

Time to go back, waiting for the Yacht to come and pick us up.

Lynn and Cassie

Making our way back to the Yacht

The weather that day was erratic!!! One moment its sunny, another moment its a downpour!

When we arrived back in the Yacht, a spread was awaitng us!
Its HIGH TEA time!

This trip was great overall. We bonded a little more.
What was disappointing was we didn't managed to Sun Tan, as initially planned.
And the ride was not as "smooth sailing" as expected, like in the movies.
If you ask me if I would want to take another 4-hour Yacht Ride again, my answer would be "No".
I think I am still very much a grounded person. :P

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