20 December 2009

Bowling @ Superbowl Marina Square

We decided to go bowling at Superbowl Marina Sqaure.

On the way to Marina Sqaure, beautiful Christmas Lightings surrounded us....

Geroge, Kelvin, Alvin and I went for Pool instead, while the rest bowled.
We joined them after about an hour.
There they were, taking pictures AGAIN! LOL.

Kelvin... He look so pro here.... "look" only.... Haha

Geok, taking a picture for Alvin and Wilson.

Gary and Merwin...

A random stranger.


Alvin. Who else plays blowing in such attire, but him?... Haha

The Ang Mo beside us almost slipped and fell.

Kelvin in his pro pose again, while Wilson gets ready to strike.

Colourful balls

Superbowl at Marina Square, a great place to bowl!

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