08 December 2009

Flowers belonging to charity stolen!

Was clearing the content in my Nokia E75 (preparing for the iPhone launch tomorrow), when I realised I have not uploaded these pics.

For those who have not read / heard the news from the papers, let me tell you what happened.

One charitable organization (pardon me, I forgot the name of the organization) decided to "plant" these beautiful yellow flowers all over the FAMOUS Raffles Place Grass Patch, supposedly to raise awareness for their charity campaign.

You make a donation of $5, and you get to either bring a stalk of one of these beautiful flowers home, or you can choose to plant it back onto the grass.

Most of us would just admire the beauty of these flowers, some would take pictures, but some ugly Singaporeans chose to "STEAL" or "CONVENIENTLY TAKE" these flowers at night (or even in broad daylight), because they cannot afford to donate $5 / are cheap skate / are ignorant / plain stupid!

The said charitable organization apparently reported the next day that they have lost $5000 in donations due to 1000 flowers being stolen overnight!

You see, this campaign was supposed to go on for a couple of days, so if I am the organizer, I would also choose to leave these flowers on the grass patch, because it doesn't make logical sense to "plant" and "unplant" hundreds of these flowers everyday.

But all the poor organizer got was $5000 losses in donations, having to lodge a police report, and to face media and public scrutiny. Some called the organizer "stupid" for leaving these flowers overnight.

I really pity the organizing committee for this campaign, because I believe they must have gotten a earful from their big bosses.

Why can't Singaporeans just leave things alone?

One guilty lady apparently brought a couple of flowers back the next day, after reading the article, and made donations on top of returning the flowers.

Well, at least she was brave enough to own up.

Have you also taken the flowers?

I hope not, because if you have, you should be VERY ASHAMED of yourself!

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Flowers said...

Sorry to know about this. I appreciate your feelings and the picture of flowers on your blog

eneres said...

Ugly Singaporeans! TSK TSK TSK