04 November 2009

Lunch at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant Serangoon Gardens

Sis treated me to lunch at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant at Serangoon Gardens for my birthday.

I suggested the place because the food there is really good, and cheaper than most other Jumbos.

Unfortunately, that was the second last day of the operations of the Serangoon Gardens Branch.

They had since closed the branch there.

Watermelon Juice

Sambal Belachan

Chilli Padi

Sauteed Fried Scallop - TASTY!

Seafood Bacon Roll with Salad Cream - TASTY!

Fried Rice with Seafood and XO Sauce - Generous serving of Scallops and Prawns!

Spinach with Boxthorn - Average, the gravy a little too starchy

Sweet and Sour Spare Rib - Average

Mango Pudding

Honeydew Sago

Overall, the dining experience was pleasant.
Its just too bad I only dined there 4 times, I could have potentially been a regular patron there.

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Irene said...

Hey dearie, it has been taken over by Yum Cha restaurant...maybe we can try it one of these days! hee...I know they are opening tomorrow! =)

Marc said...

Irene, really? Wow, I like Yum Cha too... but I know their standard has dropped as compared to when they first started!

Lets go soon!