24 November 2009

Ugly Singaporean!

Today, while going home on the NEL, I witnessed something which totally turned me off!

There was this young lady who wanted to give up her seat to an elderly Indian man who has boarded the train. The moment she stood up, another YOUNG LADY about 1 metre away DASHED OVER, and took the seat instead. The lady who gave up her seat didn't bother and looked away.

I had an urge to approach the UGLY SINGAPOREAN, but because I didn't want to spoil my mood, I just minded my own business.

What is this world turning to?

For me, I dare to say I will usually give up my seat to mostly 2 kinds of people, the elderly and pregnant ladies.

But then again, nowadays I don't have the luxury of sitting down anymore, because I am always commuting during peak hours!

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