05 November 2009

Saving Coins

I have always loved saving coins, especially $1 coins.

Just the other day, my tin coin bank was full, so I had to open and count the fruits of my labour.

I prefer such coin banks because you cannot open and you are forced to open only when its full.
Its sold in all Daiso for only $2!!!

Count, count, count....

Make a guess how much I have saved? :P

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eneres said...

i think about $500? hehe

Marc said...

eneres, quite close. Haha. Its $650!

However, since its not so substantial, I have deposited all of them into another bigger "piggy bank". Now, I am trying to full that up with $0.50 and $1 coins.

Another small piggy bank with $0.20!

I love saving!