15 June 2009

Cleaner's safety?

The cleaners in Singapore really have no welfare. Got a shock today when I saw an Indian cleaner standing on the ledge of the HDB block opposite my block!

Guess what he was doing?

He was sweeping the ledge!

Goodness, I was wondering was he doing it because he loves his job (voluntarily)?
Or was he forced to sweep the ledge by the Town Council? (no choice)

A closer look.
No safety harness or something?

I thought the government always warn employers not to ask the domestic helpers (a.k.a. maids) to clean dangerous places like the windows, so as to prevent accidents?
Then can someone please explain this?

2 Macro Voice(s):

eneres said...

Kaos! confirmed no choice lar! dun think he's tat steeewpid to do that out of his own will rite...

Marc said...

eneres, maybe he very responsible and really want to see the estate clean and green? LOL!