06 June 2009

Paul's (Closed Door) BLING Party at The Ascott Raffles

Champagne... free flow of champagne all night!

I didn't eat any of this, because we went for dinner at Lau Pa Sat before going for his party.

He turned the whole suite into a club, complete with great music and disco ball and lighting.

Beautiful friends...

These are Paul's present, but our present to him was the most expensive one. A Coach Hampton's Tote Bag from its latest collection flew in from Hong Kong!

Shida and Vanessa

Everyone were forced to down a shot of vodka before entering the party!

Louis and Wilson

Shida and Sophie

Shida, Mitch and Sophie

Shida and Paul, the birthday "boy"

Paul and Edmund

Strawberries and champagne, the perfect combination.

Sean, Jared and Randall

The self-declared "Smoking Area"

Tipsy already...


4 Macro Voice(s):

= FLoReNcE = said...

Wow...lots of hot chick...

Marc said...

FloReNcE, where did that "a lot" come from? LOL...

Anonymous said...

i didnt know u posted my birthday...thanks for being there!

Anonymous said...

Hey,the ascott allows for party or we have to sneak the food and pple in? may i know whats the room type that u book(: