18 June 2009

Sky Fitness

I have always assumed Sky Fitness is the most prestigious and best gym in Singapore.

I was WRONG!

Jeff and I went for their one-week free trial membership, and we swore not to ever visit them again.

The voucher guaranteed us a wellness evaluation, a spa session, a personal training session, among many others, claiming that this one-week membership is worth $488 for 2 person, but its all bullshit!

On the first day of the one-week-trial, we were served by this black american guy by the name of Nathaniel. He is a big guy, in size and ego!

Throughout his discussion with us, I could sense his nonchalence, as well as the "I-don't-give-a-shit-about-you-asian-young-punks" attitude. I pretended I didn't sensed it since I wanted to see how GREAT Sky Fitness really was.

The first session sucked big time because we only did the threadmill, partly because we were rushing for time, partly because nothing was arranged anyway.

Jeff and I then returned 5 days later, on a Sunday, with a prior appointment with Nathaniel, and he even confirmed on the phone, with both of us separately, that we will be able to enjoy EVERYTHING that was stated on the "voucher", and he told us to set aside 4 hours for him.

Jeff and I reached Sky Fitness, full of anticipation.

When we reached, Nathaniel told us that the personal trainers were playing paint ball in Orchid Country Club and would be late, thus he asked us to just make use of the gym facilities first.

We were ok with it since we just reached and wanted to warm up with some jogging.

After Jeff and I were done with the threadmill and a couple of weights, we approached Nathaniel because we wanted to find out about the other components of the visit that day. He told us the personal trainers were not coming anymore, and our personal wellness and training session had been cancelled! #$%^&$%^! How atrocious!

We were already quite pissed, so we told Nathaniel that we wanted to go for our spa session before we called it a day, since there was nothing else for us to do, as most of the activities involved the personal trainers. Nathaniel then told us the spa session was not booked! WTF!

This means that the 4 hours that Jeff and I had set aside for the fucked-up Sky Fitness was a total waste of our time, and we were really taken for a ride.

And the worst part is that Nathaniel was not apologetic at all throughout that entire incident, not even to mentioned he had that stupid arrogant smirk on his face! And he even argued that the personal trainers not coming was not his fault, and he didn't book the spa session because he didn't know we wanted it. Haha, not funny, try harder!

I mean if he was apologetic, I think we would not have been so angry, and it was really the first time I saw Jeff's temper, that was how bad the situation was.

Nathaniel, if you are really so good, you would not be coming all the way from the states to Singapore and work as a salesman!

PS: I have nothing against salespeople, because I am in sales too, but why that arrogance when he doesn't even own the place?!?!

In conclusion, Sky Fitness is not the best, neither is it the most exclusive gym in Singapore, because Sky Fitness's service sucks!

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