20 May 2009

What a small world (Singapore)!

My sister nudged me on MSN today, and asked me if I just had a certain company function. I was totally surprised. It turned out that she spotted me in some pics in Facebook. And her boyfriend's friend is actually my colleague, who was the official photographer that day, that explains for all the pics posted in his Facebook. LOL.

Sounds complicated... but not really.

What a small world!

3 Macro Voice(s):

eneres said...

Yeah Singapore is indeed small.. and facebook (fb) can be very transparent too.. hehe

Aaron said...

Its a small world afterall!!!

Marc said...

eneres, yes, facebook is very transparent, that is why I am not on any social media platform. Haha, I don't want to be too transparent, or too easily accessible for people to find out about me!

Aaron, it indeed is a small world!