30 May 2009

Bored In Bikinis - How To Ace A Reality Show Audition, featuring Sonia and Xuesha of S Factor

If you are suffering from withdrawal symptons, post "S Factor", fret not, because Clicknetwork has a new series just for you!

This new program is call "Bored in Bikinis" and its fronted by Sonia and Xuesha, both from S Factor fame.

Brief of "Bored in Bikinis":
What happens when 2 bikini babes get bored? A lot of random frivolous nonsense. Featuring Sonia and Xue Sha from 'S Factor'.

Episode 1: How To Ace A Reality Show Audition
Sonia and Xue Sha from 'S Factor' demonstrate the Do's and Don'ts when it comes to auditioning for a reality show.

I think this show is really bimbotic, slightly funny, worth to watch if you are really bored.

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