21 May 2009

Nat Ho (鹤天赐) is friendly!

Its official, Nat Ho is friendly, no airs whatsoever.

Alright, lets set the record straight, he should not be proud to begin with, since he is not a "BIG-enough" star, but he is much friendlier than I expected.

Today Nat was filming in Raffles Place since morning, and when Albert, Kay and I were walking to Golden Shoe for lunch, we spotted him again along our way. We glanced at him, and surprisingly, he smiled at us, and nodded his head. Its cool that he actually acknowledged us.

The next thing that happened was so funny! Kay, all of a sudden, waved at him, and guess what? Nat waved back! LOL. I almost flipped.

The three of us laughed in unison, and Nat broke into laugher too.

Funny... We then turned around and walked towards Golden Shoe.

I was then telling Albert and Kay, how this whole blog post would have been totally different, if Nat did not acknowledge us, or if he had ignored Kay's wave. The write-up might turn out like this:

Today while Albert, Kay and I were walking to Golden Shoe for lunch, we saw Nat Ho filming. When we looked at him, he did not bother to look at us, as usual, like all other C-list celebrities, who always think they are very famous / popular. The worst part is, stupid Kay actually waved at him, thinking he would reciprocate. And guess what? Not only did Nat not wave back, he had this arrogant look on his face like we were star struck fans looking at him in awe. Gosh, Nat is proud!


Am I so f**king right?


(Off to KL!)

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