05 May 2009

Singapore Tourist Attractions: Singapore Flyer, Singapore River Cruise & Henderson Waves @ The Southern Ridges (Part 1 of 2)

Singapore Flyer, Merlion Park, Henderson Waves, these are just some of the places we visited during our 1-day tour organized by Punggol Community Club. I would like to thank Wai Kiat for putting up such a fantastic tour for all of us, 80-odd of us!

Stickers to identify ourselves from the public

Our group leader, aka tour guide.

HippoTour, this is what I want to do next.

Passed by the Esplanade.

Our first stop, the Merlion Park at One Fullerton.

The Fullerton Hotel.


A view of esplanade from the Merlion Park.

Can you believe the Merlion Park is so crowded at 9.30am on a Sunday?

I seldom get to see all these tourist attraction in broad daylight, thus I cannot help to take a couple more pictures. As I work in Raffles Place, I usually see all these at night.

The Singapoore Flyer across the ocean.

The famous Merlion.

We feel like tourists.

Tempted to get myself a cup of Hazelnut Latte from Starbucks!

Did you see that queue? Its the queue for the Singapore River Cruise.

This is lame. I don't see how this is helpful.

Dark clouds.

This is the river taxi which we will be taking us to the Singapore Flyer.

A Japanese tour group.

Oh yeah, boarding time!

Nice view of the CBD onboard the river taxi.

Future Integrated Resorts.
Next stop -> Singapore Flyer and the Henderson Waves!

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David said...

hey,,,im here!! all ads clicked! haha!!
seems u r sooo busy , haha!

Marc said...

david, yes, i think i am.... LOL

em said...

hi marc, can i ask u questions re singapore?
1)how long will the river cruise take?
2)is hooters restaurant okay?

these are the perks the agent gave us and we're planning to forego it if its not good.

Marc said...

1) the river cruise normally is a 45 mins ride. However, if its with a tour group, sometimes due to the budget constraint or time constraint, the ride may be reduced to 20-30 mins, you really have to find out clearly from your tour agent what is the route you will be cruising on.

2) Hooters is just an american resturant with sexy waitresses. Nothing fantastic about it la. If you need to pay a lot more for the "perk", you should forgo it.

I would suggest that you request Singapore Flyer be part of your package, or the Duck Tours.

Anonymous said...

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