28 May 2009

Yun's Birthday Party at The Raining Bar at Boat Quay

This year Yun decided to make her birthday party a low key one, thus she only informed us she was celebrating ON THE DAY ITSELF. Yeah, very low key indeed.

And for your information, it was Joshua and I who scouted a place for her to celebrate her birthday, on the same evening itself.

We scoured the entire Boat Quay, and finally found a pub call The Raining Bar, just beside Millions, below O Point.

Seems like everyone around me is avoiding this whole birthday celebration thingy altogether... I think it comes with age...

Makes me wonder if I will still want to celebrate my birthday this year?

Yun and I

Joshua and Yun

Joshua, Yun and I. The few left from the "Original HSBC gang"!

Yuki, Sarah and Jason.

Presenting.... the rarest appearance by...
Yes, getting Randy to attend anyone's birthday party is rare because he rarely makes it to anyone's party. ROFLMAO.... :P

Five... Ten... Fifteen...

Argh, I forgot his name. A super fun guy.

Yuki with that Geisha looking make-up.

Looks as if its Sarah's birthday!

All in All only 2 bottles of Chivas (ONLY), and I think 10 buckets of Heineken.
Have we all grown older or have we out-grown alcohol?

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