20 July 2008

Batman spotted at Vivocity!!!

Finally my loooooong 7 days work week is over!

But its also the start of my new week ahead!

I'll be working 12 days straight with no rest because of my Roadshow at Vivocity. Although I am fatigued, but its all worth the effort because we managed to acquire 200 customers with such a mini-scale roadshow.

I think my team did a great job

Anyway, back to my post. While I was at the roadshow, I spotted a "brown thing" walking past me yesterday, so I was trying to see what it was all about. I followed it for a while like a paparazzi, but gave up after realising it was covered up fully, from head to toe.

There were 2 "bodyguards", one on his left, and the other on his right, so I could not get anywhere close to that mysterious "guy/gal/thing".

The only thing that came to my mind was "Is this a publicity stunt for Scream 10?" Haha.

1 hour later, I spotted Batman!!!!

Do you see him?

At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Then I asked my staff, and she confirmed it was Batman.

I whipped out my camera and could only take 3 very lousy shots, because batman was literally "flying". He walked so fast that I only managed to take a half front shot of him, a back shot and a side shot.

Maybe he was rushing to another cinema to do his publicity for Batman.

So the brown man I spotted earlier on was actually Batman in disguise.

Where is the Joker?

Talking about Joker, I have read so many reviews and articles that Heath Ledger's portrayal of Joker is his best role so far, and in fact the best portrayal of Joker as well. Its a tad sad that Heath did not get to enjoy the fruits of his "funny" labour, and he had to pass on before the movie was released.

I have yet to catch the movie because of work, and I hope I will have time to catch the movie next weekend! Hopefully it won't be like THIS:

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C K said...

As usual, Singapore gets to watch the best show much earlier than London. Batman will only open this week and I'll be the first in line to catch it!

Serene said...

I voted liao :) and how I wish tat person in that batman suit was Christian Bale.. hahaha.. he's cute!

Mockingbird said...

Just when we thought Iron Man would be the biggest selling movie of 2008, Batman came and pushed the former off his top spot.

Marc said...

I have not watched the Dark Knights! Yesterday I went to watch X Files, and its a total waste of my $10!!!!!!!