21 July 2008

2 Singaporean Businessmen offer $1 million REWARD!

SINGAPORE — A cash reward of S$1 million is being offered for information leading to the apprehension of Mas Selamat inside or outside Singapore.

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng revealed this in Parliament on Monday in response to a question on fugitive JI leader Mas Selamat.

The million dollar reward has been put up by two private individuals who approached the Home Affairs Ministry.

DPM Wong said the individuals had asked the ministry to operationalise their proposal because they wished to remain anonymous to protect themselves, families or business interests in the region from becoming a target for retaliation.

The House was also reminded that the Singapore Police Force, as a policy does not offer cash rewards for information on fugitives and unsolved crimes,or for assistance from the public.

However, the authorities do not object if private corporations and individuals wish to offer cash reward as a labour—supply company and a non—government organisation did in March, offering $50,000 and $5,000 respectively for information on Mas Selamat.

On the whereabouts of Mas Selamat, the DPM said that up till now, Singapore’s security agencies have not received any information from their Indonesian counterparts to confirm that the JI fugitive is hiding in Indonesia.

Neither has domestic intelligence shown that the Singapore JI leader has left the country.

"We obviously cannot dismiss the possibility that Mas Selamat could have managed to escape Singapore for another country. Singapore is not a fortress" added Mr Wong.

However, if Mas Selamat has escaped abroad, DPM Wong said Singapore will work with the relevant foreign counterparts to track him down and bring him back into custody in Singapore.

Parliament was told that given the time since Mas Selamat’s escape, the scenario of the fugitive harboured by sympathisers inside or outside Singapore must logically be treated as increasingly plausible. However, there is no intelligence at present to substantiate it said Mr Wong.

With a S$1 million reward in place, the two anonymous businessmen who offered the cash are hoping for some breakthrough.

"Whatever you say, $1 million is an eye—catcher and I hope some people will respond to it and give information to capture the fellow” said the 50—something businessman who is offering part of the reward.

Describing himself as a "good citizen" who is not in it for the publicity, the international trading and consultancy businessman said he decided to be part of the S$1 million reward scheme after being told of it by his friend.

“Actually I didn’t really give the matter much thought because I sincerely believe that sooner or later, the Government will catch Mas Selamat.

"But when I learnt from my friend of the proposal to give a reward to help catch the man, I thought it was a good idea."

The friend, a businessman with regional interests and investments, said he was motivated by respect for members of the Home Team and the kind of work they put in.

"Singapore has been good to me and my family. I have lived in many places but there is no place safer for my family than in this country" he said.

The businessman who’s in his forties also revealed that he had long nursed the idea of offering a reward for the capture of Mas Selamat.

"I have thought about it before but I decided to do something now because after 5 months, it is clear that the authorities are not making much headway" he said.

"I hope my cash reward will generate the breakthrough they need."

Members of the public with information on Mas Selamat can call the Counter Terrorism Centre hotline at 1800—262 6473 or the Police at 999.

All information received will be kept confidential and will be verified and investigated.

(News from CNA)

Lets hope with this attractive reward, Mas Selamat will be arrested soon!

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BaLQiz said...

should ask them to ask Joker... maybe he's the one hiding Mas Selamat... hehehehhehe

Mockingbird said...

i doubt MSK would ever be apprehended regardless of how much the reward is. The reward sure does look attractive, but those who want to give police info about him, don't know anything about his whereabouts. Whereas those who harbor him would not betray and expose him regardless of how high the reward money is hiked.

Anonymous said...

This reward is very fishy .....anyway S$1million is good. Hope it helps the police arrest MSK. If reward works, the credit should then go to the two businessmen and not the home team right?

Marc said...

Well, the point is no one really knows if Mas Selamat is still in Singapore, although the Singapore defence force still strongly believes so. Lets hope he will be nabbed soon...