22 March 2009

Eu Yan Sang Concentrated Bird's Nest (余仁生)

2 - 3 years ago, I used to take Concentrated Bird's Nest on a daily basis. For those who are familiar with this product, its known that if you take one teaspoon of it in the morning and one teaspoon before you sleep, your complexion would improve significantly.

However at that point of time, it was too expensive for me as everyone knows Concentrated Bird's Nest costs around $70 per bottle and last only one week. I stopped after a couple of months.

Recently, while browsing through a magazine, I read about this young MD of a certain big-time Bird's Nest company in Singapore. Though he mentioned that Fann Wong probably takes more Bird's Nest than himself, he says he takes Bird's Nest on a regular basis, and I tell you, his face is flawless, as seen in the picture.

After reading that article, I have decided to start taking Concentrated Bird's Nest again to enjoy its efficacies.

After surveying a few brands, I have decided to go for Eu Yan Sang (余仁生)'s Premium Bird's Nest (Rock Sugar).

It costs $75.30 per bottle and it is supply for one week, so its going to set me back $301.20 per month. But you know what? It is so worth it because I am looking forward to better complexion in a few month's time.

And anyway I have cut down on my drinking lifestyle, so I can easily use my drinking money on Bird's Nest now.

Well, $300 was probably my drinking cost every one/two weeks in the past, so I still save, at the same time enjoying a healthier lifestyle.
I have already started taking the product, and I must say it is really delicious!!!

PS: For those who are diabetic or don't like sweet stuffs, there is also the "Low Sugar" option.

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