11 March 2009

I Miss My Childhood... Do You?

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Do you often reminisce about your childhood?

Those days when you played marbles, five-stones, zero-point, barbie doll, transformers....

Those days when drinks were only 10 cents in the canteen... Wonder how prices have shot up in Primary Schools right now....

I am not sure about you, but for me, whenever I think about my childhood, I wish I had remain a child...

Let us go back in time right now....


This was one of my favourite hand-held game, Western Bar.

Although these hand-held games were not in 3D images or high definition, but they were so entertaining during our times, weren't they?

Do you remember battling it out with your friends with erasers bearing country flags? If you land on the opponent's eraser, you win his eraser. Such a simple game, yet it stayed with us for most of our Primary School years.

Who can forget these card games before UNO was introduced?
Old maid, Donkey and Happy Family.

Bubble Gum. The best part of these gums were not the gum itself, but the temporary tattoos you get on the wrapper.
Dap some water on the desired body part, leave the wrapper on the wet surface for about 5 mins, and VOILA, you have a coloured tattoo!

Do I have to elaborate on these tasty satay sticks?
I think they used to cost only 10cents per stick?

This was one of my favourite tidbits when I was young.
Provision shops still sell these now, but definitely not as tasty as before.
Used to buy like 10 packets at a go, and munch on them all night watching TV.

Ferrero Ro what? These round chocolate biscuit balls grew up with me.

Every kid in the 1990s would remember Sesame Street.

Micro Genius.
Street Fighter, Arkanoid, Circus, Super Mario, all these were games we played non stop before rival Sega came about.

One of the most popular Micro Genius game.

Then came Sega. It would be so uncool if you did not have a Sega Game Machine at home.
Sonic, The Golden Axe, Bare Knuckle...
Sega was so popular, shops were even set up to allow students to play/pay by an hourly rate.
The good thing is they have a whole list of games in their shop, so if you cannot afford to buy that game you have been eyeing for, just pay a few bucks, and you can play all you want!

I know this is anti-climax because we are talking about things we miss about the past, but when I saw this picture, I really had to incude it in.
I pity Primary Schoolers now, because the standard for English has increased by leaps and bounds over the years.

So, what do you miss about your childhood?

Please share your thoughts and comments and I will add on to my post!
Contribution by blogger Eneres
Ice-lollipop, a.k.a. Sng Bao
Kaka Chicken snacks

Pickup sticks

Ding Dang Choc Balls

Nintendo Handheld Game
PS: eneres, and yes, I finally recalled now, I love to play this too!!

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eneres said...

I think the satay stick only one pack less than 50cents or something.. I also miss those days with (mayb some not ya era.. hehe)

- Brick game! (http://rekkerd.org/img/articles/mr_9999_brick_game_9999_in_1.jpg)

- Handheld Nintendo game! (http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2267/1682654028_f87756f4df.jpg)

- Black Ti Kam bag: if u lucky u will get S$1 note inside!

- Ding Dang Choc Balls! (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_41kt0-JRBhg/SPob_zdzEEI/AAAAAAAAAgQ/CTcQ4Rw2Sw8/s320/IMG_0203.JPG)

- Kaka Chicken snacks! (http://www.dsng.net/uploaded_images/kaka_chicken-706616.jpg)

- Pickup sticks! (http://www.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/4544101/2/istockphoto_4544101-pick-up-sticks-6.jpg)

- Sng Bao! (http://ringofood.com/images/product_ice_pop.jpg)

My god.. those were the days... hehe

Marc said...

eneres, yes to all except Mintendo handheld game which I do not know what you are talking about. And the link u gave doesn't work.

I used to play brick game very well too, in fact still do.

And the black Ti Kam bag with the big question mark right? Yes, I used to be so happy when I won cash!!!

Brings back so many good memories!

eneres said...

Huh.. nintendo handheld not ya era.. ok see this again


Those links kenna cut off:

brick game

Ding Dang Choc Balls

Hope you can see this time :)

Anonymous said...

i love this post of yours...it brought back a lot of memories of mine...i almost teared when i scrolled down and down...

thanks for posting this...

Marc said...

eneres, yes, I finally recalled now, I love to play this too. Thanks for the pictures!

Marc said...

docras, thanks, and I am glad you like this post. have updated some more pictures, hope you like them.

Marc said...
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Xie Bin said...

OMG! those old-school stuff!!! i played them before during my childhood times too! really reminiscing!!!

and yah i changed my layout for the time being, while i'm thinking of what layout next! :D so it's plain theme for now! haha!

metalpanda said...

wow, its really bring back memories~~~ but i only have few things above. so poor that time. hah

Sugar Bean said...

So nostalgic! Everything brings me back to my childhood memory. Used to love my Micro Genius so much! Love Contra, Mario and Street Fighter! Thanks for sharing the photos. =)

Ah Jeff said...

Nice blog! You bring back all my childhood memories!

I remember playing Marbles! With many different colours. Also the army figures toy...

I'm sure there are more.