07 March 2009

BBQ at East Coast Beach

Activity: SCB Cards Team Bonding at East Coast Beach

I, being the organizer of the BBQ was the first to reach East Coast Park Carpark C at around 4.30pm that day. Few minutes before I reached, I received a call from BBQ Wholesale Centre that the delivery has arrived, and I was pleasantly surprised as they were really punctual.

When I reached there, the delivery driver had unloaded all my boxes.

All items are separately packed for hygiene purposes, and they are arranged nicely according to category.

Smokeless and Odourless Charcoal

All seafood packed in this Ice Box for freshness.

For a hassle-free BBQ, packet drinks were part of the package.

Even the wire mesh for the pit is provided.

For those who do not like BBQ food, you can also request for some cooked food like seafood noodles, fish balls, sotong balls, etc.

These are my 2 pits: 26C and 27C. Each pit is $16.

The various food items: Sambal Sotong, Tempura Fillet, Sweet Corn, Sambal Stingray, Otar, Sweet Potato, Beef Steak, Lamb Chop, Garlic Bread, Chipolata Sausages, Buffalo Wings, Satay.... so many varieties... spoilt for choices!

Its so convenient as ice box and ice are both provided to chill the packet drinks.

Uzair and Sajid organizing the food on the table.

Fish Balls

Seafood Noodles

Paper Plates, Plastic Cups, Napkins, Forks & Spoons are all provided by BBQ Wholesale Centre

Delicious Sea Coconut with Longan.

My cup


Fire Starter

Lucky for us, the drizzle only lasted about 30 mins, and thereafter it was good weather all the way til we ended the BBQ.


For all your future BBQ needs, do remember to call BBQ Wholesale Centre, I am extremely pleased with the whole ordering and sales process, totally hassle free!

No music player, so a mobile phone with mp3 will come in handy!

Oh yeah, after all the waiting, the first group finally arrived! Karen and Cheryan.

Shortly after, the second group arrived. Tess, Patrick, Pauline, Mimie, Suraya and Joanna.

The drinks are chilled, ready to be served.

Setting up the pit.

Say cheese.

Me with Pauline and Patrick.

As the night falls, we started to BBQ.

Joshua enjoying his buffalo wings.

Making funny faces.

Joanna and Suraya.


Group pictures


Everyone enjoying themselves.

Even cats love Sambal Stingray...

Joshua trying to feed the cat.

Lazy cat resting on a pizza box after eating our sambal stingray.

Everyone taking turns to carry Azlie's baby boy!

So cute....

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eneres said...

The BBQ wholesale sure looks hassle free! tks for recommending.. will consider that in future..

Marc said...

eneres, its not only hassle free, the food tastes good as well. Its really worth the money!

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