22 February 2008

Edison Chen leaves Showbiz

Edison has announced yesterday over a press conference in HK that he is leaving the entertainment industry for an indefinite time. This is really sad cuz obviously he is the victim as well in this sex scandal saga.

I feel he should not bother what the netizens say cuz the leak of the photos was unintentional and the only blame should be on the inethical bastards that uploaded the pictures and videos of him in uncompromsing acts onto the internet.

I applaude Edison for his courage to face over 300 reporters in the press conference to apologize for his mis-behaviour. He apologized not only to the public, but also to the family and friends of the female victims involved.

When I watched Edison giving his speech yesterday on Channelnewsasia, I was depressed. How can HK let such a talented chap leave the industry?

Rumours are that he has been advised to pack his bags and head to somewhere with the big H. HOLLYWOOD. Well, since he has had cameo roles in Grundge 2 and the upcoming Batman movie, I am sure he has a certain foothole in Hollywood already.

I wish Edison all the best and I hope he will not do his social or community work too long, but get back on his feet to act and sing again, as I am sure the naysayers are just the minority.

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