17 February 2008

Steven Lim (OMG!)

I am really disgusted with Steven Lim (Xiaxue's greatest enemy).

Before I started watching his videos, my impression of him was that he is a really very courageous person as he always grabs any opportunity to seek attention. He never fails to think he is handsome, as he claims to be "The World's Most Handsome Guy". But all these are still tolerable, as he is just trying to make a name for himself.

There is perfectly nothing wrong to be thick skinned, but he has gone beyond what words could describe. Auditioning for Singapore Idol with his super mini and tight yellow swimming trunks was bad enough, but I know its his way to become famous. Well, he did.

Now people recognises him on the streets, not for the right reasons though, but at least it has earned him some popularity over the years with his crazy entics.

Plucking eyebrows for $10 (Last I heard of, not sure if he has increased his price due to inflation) outside CK Tangs is crazy. Singing songs in his awful voice, recording them and uploading them on Youtube is crazier!

Recently I have been following up on his personal website (Click), and I found some extremely horrendous videos which he has recorded after the saga of Edison and HK actresses. These are his personal views of the incident and I know it was out of good intention that he recorded the video, I guess his idol was Edison Chen, but I would say his video was a great turn-off.

Ever since his post, my impression of him has gone from bad to worst. WHY? Watch these 2 videos and you will know why!!! (His first Edison video has got over 1million views already and 6 honors in YouTube, OMG)

Another most recent one:

I seriously think there is something wrong with this person (up there). His behaviour has gone beyond what normal people could tolerate. Youtube should ban him from posting anymore videos as he already has over 50 videos, enough to traumatise anyone for 2 freaking months (if you watch 1 video per day, that is)!
Someone pls save Steven Lim!

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