02 February 2008

A visit to Chinatown

Went to Chinatown walk walk on Wednesday with Randy, Christina, Paul and Joshua.

Streets filled with people

Randy and Paul's back

Chinese ornaments

This shop caught my attention. Apparently very famous peanuts.

A bunch of pomelos
Randy happily trying everything he sees.
Really pretty CNY decoration along Chinatown's main road.

Video of CNY street. In the background, you will hear a man selling "Guo Dong" as in Taiwanese Jelly. Famous snack for CNY.

Paul selecting some sweets for his home.

Chinese new year? I don't really celebrate CNY anymore. This year Paul and Esther jie invited me to their house for reunion dinners. Most prob I will go to Esther's since its her first time inviting me and I want to see Wallace (her son).

Really appreciate all these friends remembering me and always inviting me for reunion year after year.

Thanks Paul and Esther, love you guys.

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