10 February 2008

Chinese New Year is OVER!

Below was my itinerary for the 4 days of Chinese New year. I am already having Monday Blues for tomorrow!!! I am too tired and lazy to upload any pictures as I do not have enough sleep for the past few days. Pardon me everyone, and I assure I will get them posted up soon.

Morning - Work
Afternoon - Shopping at Orchard with Pau and Ronald
Evening - Reunion Dinner with Esther and family
Night - Drinking at Ice with Joshua, yun, Jason and Paul

CNY Day 1
Afternoon till Night - Esther's Place

CNY Day 2
Afternoon till night - Jay's friend's place with Esther, Jay and friends
Night - Drinking at Ice with Dong, Q, Esther, Jay and 2 friends

CNY Day 3
Afternoon till next morning 4am - Paul's CNY Open house

CNY Day 4
Afternoon - Grandma's place for visiting and catching up with family and some relatives.
Evening - Dinner at Bedok with family and grandma

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