26 March 2008

Hans Curry Puffs- Super Inflation

Hans is one of the favourite places where I buy my breakfast every morning at Raffles place. However, I am very disturbed by the frequent increase of the price of food in Hans, particularly their Curry Puffs.

Hans Curry Puffs are delicious! I have been supporting their Curry Puffs for 3 years now, at least 2-3 times a week, I would buy 2 for my breakfast. I fell in love with them the first time i ate them.

When I first started eating Hans Curry Puff, it costs merely 80cents, then the price went up to 90cents one fine day. Months later, the price went up again by 10cents to a dollar. So eating a Hans Curry Puff would then cost me $1!

It did not stop there. Soon after, they increased the price again. this time by 20cents to $1.20. And that was just a few months back.

Last week I went to buy Hans Puffs again, and to my surprise, they have bravely increased the price again to $1.40!

I seriously do not think that is the way to do business. Just because the Curry Puff is a popular and fast-selling item in the morning, Hans keep increasing the price to a stage where I can get a packet of very delicous Bee Hoon with almost the same price.

I seriously hope they can stop increasing the price at least till the end of the year. Cuz if they increase another 10cents, I would stop eating their puffs, for good!

Ok, not for good, at least I would stop for a month, cuz their puffs are too nice to RESIST!

This is a bad case of inflation and if you need to explain the term "inflation" to someone in the future, use the Hans Curry Puff story!

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