14 March 2008


I am so frustrated now. So much hindrances to my team's performance.

When will situation improve?

When will we get the resources we need?

When will we stop recycling?

When will they buck up?

When will they start running?

When will they feel what I feel?

When will he feel what I feel?

I just announced the suspension of evening tea break till situation improves. I know everyone hates this decision I made, but seriously I have no other choices.

Do they even know the tremendous pressure I face from my bosses?

Do they know my targets are so aggresive I can't breathe?

It seems like being nice does not work for this team. I will be very strict from now on.

Argh, I am really frustrated!

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Anonymous said...

balance between flexibility and rigidity, and you'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

Think more abt ur staff's welfare so that they can work happily for u at the end of the day