25 March 2008

I am flamed!

There is an imposter out there.

I want to find out who is that idiot!

I do not want to let him go scot-free.

Yes, I am talking about the person (dunno guy / girl/ animal / thing) posing as me in numerous blogs, and saying nasty things there.

Last week, this person posed as me in SL's website and started advertising my blog there, with my company name and my full name! This person knows me well enough to know where i work and my surname.

This week this person started using my name and my blog and go around giving his opinions in blogs, etc.

I have heard from 2 fellow bloggers as well that this person has gone to the extend of advertising my blog for me.

Am I supposed to be mad or happy that I get free advertising?

I think this person has a plot. And he / she / it has succeeded. My Adsense Account has been suspended for invalid clicks, and I truly believe its due to Google believing its me spreading my blog to "encourage" people to my blog to click on my ads?

How atrocious!

I dunno. I think this person hates me for some reason and just wants to see me in deep shit or something. But if you are reading this, I hope you can spare me and stop whatever you are doing.

If anyone spots my blog being advertised, or my name (or full name for that matter) being used in any blogs, and the link used is my blog url, pls email me at marcietan81@yahoo.com.sg

I would greatly appreciate any kind soul with any information.

I hope people out there are not so dumb to believe that I was the one doing those things because for the whole of last weekend, for those who know me, I was not even in Singapore. Same goes for this weekend as well as I will be away for a management retreat.

Enough said. I feel so much better now!

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Anonymous said...

OMG that's crazy...and creepy, lol visit my blog!!! I'd absolutely love to hear your comments!!!

I'll be waiting...lol!


Anonymous said...

this happens all the time in cyber world. u r not alone.