09 March 2008

2 ex-Mediacorp actors in one day!

ARGH! All the photos in my camera were accidentally deleted!!!!!!!!!!! SO PISSED!!!!!!!

I went to office around 12 noon cuz I got my staffs to go back to work today to try to boost up the figures. At around 3pm, me and Joshua left office to eat our favourite Chicken Rice at Lucky Plaza. Simply DELICIOUS! After our lunch, Eunice joined us as we wanted to go Party World to sing KTV. Esther was supposed to join us too, but she got delayed due to some trip arrangements cock up for her Phuket trip.

When we reached Party World KTV at Hello Singtel building, we saw this familiar face at the counter taking down our booking. He is some ex-Mediacorp actor (1) from China. He acted in a couple of dramas and disappeared shortly so I do not have a very strong impression of him. All I know he is some C-list actor that probably got kicked out of Mediacorp and ended up working as some supervisor in Party World? Hmm...

The sound system in Party World is surprisingly much better than KBox cuz I always had the impression that KBox is better due to the branding, but I changed my mind after today. I had stopped patronising Party World after an unpleasant incident that happened about 2 years ago at Party World South Bridge Road. I guess its time to move on since its been quite a while.

We sung our hearts out till around 9pm. I recorded my own singing, wanted to hear how it is today, BUT IT GOT DELETED! WTF! ALSO TOOK SOME PHOTOS WITH JOSHUA, EUNICE AND ESTHER, ALL GONE!

Anyway, I still cannot get over it that my photos were deleted becuz of a stupid mistake I made.

After KTV, we went for dinner at the cuppage area, dunno if its still called the H2O zone cuz a few years ago, I remember it was branded as that. We had out dinner at Snack World. The place famous for "KA-ing" foreigners especially caucasians. But no choice la, they earn so much, come Singapore also must contribute to the economy. haha.

(KA-ing = overcharging, usually used to describe overcharging of foreigners)

We ordered 5 dishes and ate to ur hearts content. We were seated very near to this lonely caucasian and he kept looking at our direction. We took the liberty to talk about him in Mandarin, and we joked that scully he could understand what we were talking about all along and F*** us before he leaves. Lucky this did not happen.

The food was really so so. Any ordinary "Zi Cha" would have better tasting dishes. The homemade barley was worst, tasted like burnt or left over milo, we couldn't make it out. Then we asked for bill and the bill came up to close to $100. Ok la, but not that worth it. Funny thing is, that ang mo beside us paid $45 for his meal.

We did not see what he ate but when we arrived, he was only drinking Tiger beer, but we assume he got over-charged since its quite impossible to eat half of what we ate, considering we had 5 dishes. Poor thing.

I observed the ang mo. When the change came, he only took out $2, which means he gave them extra $3 tips. Really silly!

This is Singapore! Tipping is not encouraged! Especially when its not even a restaurant.

After our meal, Ben came and fetch us as Esther wanted to give me a lift since she was going to Paul's place for mahjong. We had to drop by at Bishan first to get a mahjong table. Not that Paul's place had no mahjong table, but his table is used by his mum, and they could not go to Cynthia's place to play due to some PETTY issues some stupid ex-Mediacorp actor (2) has with Paul. I do not want to elaborate, but those who are involved will know what I am talking about.

I really do not know what his problem is! We (me and Paul) cannot go to Cynthia's house for CNY. Now Paul cannot go to Cynthia's house to play mahjong becuz ex-Mediacorp actor doesn't like him. WTF right. And that "currently-attached-to-ex-mediacorp-actor-used-to-be-my-good-friend" guy cannot even stand up to his atrocious behaviour???

I am really disappointed with AL becuz we shared so much good times together with DT and all we get is shit now, just becuz of ex-Mediacorp actor! Just the other day, I was going thru my old photos and saw the photos I took with AL and DT in Bangkok, I really miss them.

I guess I really have to move on.

Anyway after Esther picked the table, she alighted first and I continued taking Ben's cab and went home. Today, in fact this week, missed out on my running session with Jiada becuz he hurt his back so cannot exert too much. I hope we will be back to our rythmn soon.

Looking forward to JB trip next weekend!

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DarKScoRpioN said...

Jeanette Aw is no doubt one of the best actresses in Singapore. totally adore her acting and cute smile. =) Hope to see mediacorp feature her even more in future big productions.