30 June 2008

School! And some little gossips.

Finally I am back to school!

After an 8 years interruption/hiatus/break, I finally went for the first lesson of my 2.5 years part-time course today! Damm excited at first because I would meet new friends, see new faces, and enjoy student life all over again. Only setback is I will be doing this 2-3 times a week after work, and that means a cut in my social life on weekdays. But then again, i don't really have a social life, so its just less drinking and KTV-ing with my bunch of colleagues.

That means save money too!

My first module is "Management and Organization".

First thing that came to my mind when I received the study materials: DRY!

Its all about work, what I am doing on a daily basis. BORING!

The lecturer went on and on for about 1 hour plus, before she gave us a well-deserved break! The moment I heard the word "break", I literally raced to the smoking point, to take a fag.

There I met an ex staff of mine, N! OMG.

The first thing that came out of her mouth,"Hey Marc, have you heard about DT?" I was thinking in my heart "NOT AGAIN"? It seems like the whole industry is talking about him like Hong Kong talks about Edison.

What makes it more interesting is that the subject of the topic, YY, is N's best friend. And I was told the scandalous sexcapade happened when I was still with my ex company, while i was managing the team! That was the most shocking part! How could they have disguised everything and appeared normal right in front of my own eyes?

I mean, how could DT not share this with me then? Haha. Maybe its too scandalous la.

Then N talked about AS, that ex-mediacorp actor. Oh sorry, I mean that ex-mediacorp C-LIST actor. She mentioned something like he should go back to Mediacorp to act because he seems to be acting 24/7. In more obvious terms, AS is FAKE! I totally agree, one of the staffs there even complained to me that he runs the company like he is acting in some MCS drama about the corporate world.

That AS should really just go back and do what he is best at, but then again will MCS take him back, since he is not that popular anymore, and he is OLD, and BIG now.

Then again, maybe not, why would he need to slog again in tele-world, when he has a company where he is "high and mighty" and one in which only he is in command? In army terms, he is the Chief of Defence Force. Even the previous chief has to lick his boots and please him, because this new chief has all the power to kick him out anytime, now that his EX owns the company.

I know this story is getting confusing, and I am not intending to talk about those scums anymore because they will only pollute my blog.

If you want to know more about what I was talking about, which MCS actor I was talking about, ask me in private ok?

Good luck to my new found staus:

Working Adult cum Part-time student.

Oh my, can anyone think of a better term for me?

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Somewhere in Singapore said...

what course u taking?

Marc said...

Somewhere, I am taking Degree in Marketing Management. :)

Mockingbird said...

it's tough having to work full-time and study part-time in the evening. i recall dozing in class when i did my advanced dip in mass comm in 1997. Being participative by answering the lecturer's questions in class helped me to stay awake.

Marc said...

Mockingbird, yes you are so right. It is so tiring to stay focused on the lecturer after a full day at work. Argh!