17 January 2009


Activity: Prawning at Bishan
(Videos all the way at the bottom)

Francis and Paul

Paul, totally engrossed.

Esther acting cute.


Esther acting cute, Nicholas looking good, Paul making funny faces.

This is the bait to lure the prawns.

YEAH, caught a pretty big prawn.

Francis just cannot concentrate on prawning. He kept using his phone throughout the entire night. Who could that be?

Still on the phone.

And yes, after 3 hours, he is still on his call.

This is the number of prawns they caught after an hour.

These prawns are "straightened" using satay sticks, for BBQing later.

Getting the BBQ pit ready.

BBQing the live prawns.

Poor prawns, all getting themselves ready to be BBQ-ed!

When we put them on the pit, they are still struggling, so I think its quite cruel.

Close up of the "struggling" prawns.

Almost cooked prawns.

Nicholas, fully concentrated on COOKING the prawns.

This is the end result, a nice orange cooked prawn!

A plate of scrumptious prawns.

Nicholas enjoying the fresh prawns

Esther enjoying the fresh prawns

Live prawns

3 Macro Voice(s):

eneres said...

oooo looks fun and the makan like very shiok.. hehe

Marc said...

eneres, indeed, the makan is shiok, becuz u get to BBQ the prawns which u freshly fished out from the pond. the whole process is very fun...

Harmony said...

Who's the rapist..
Anal all the prawns.. Argh they must be in pain!!