05 January 2009

Peach Garden @ OCBC Centre

One of my staff, Irene treated me to lunch at Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant that day.

Its on the 33rd floor of the OCBC Centre at Chulia Street and I must say the decor of the restaurant is sleek and fine. What better place to have lunch than Peach Garden when you can have a good view of the CBD while eating your "Xiao Long Bao"?

There are many window seats available but its only available upon request during booking, and its not guaranted due to demand.

Our menu was pre-printed since we had booked the set lunch menu in advance. Our set is SGD$58+++ per person.
(Click to enlarge)

Sweet chilli

Nice cold appetiser - beancurb, peanuts, ikan bilis and long beans

Of course I cannot have a decent chinese meal without my chilli padi in soya sauce.

Crysanthemun Tea (excluded from the set lunch)

Deep Fried Bean Curb Box stuffed with Wild Mushroom accompanied with Sliced Roast Duck.
The roast duck here is really good, two slices were really not enough for me.

Sauteed Prawns in Asparagus in XO Sauce.
The prawns were nicely seasoned with the XO Sauce and chilli and the asparagus were heavenly. I never knew asparagus taste so good until this dish came along.
Pan Fried Venison with Fresh Button Mushroom
The Venison taste was too strong for me, I didn't really enjoy this dish, I think beef could have been a better choice as an alternative.
Fried Rice with Shrimps and Anchovies.
Pretty normal, like any Tze Char stalls.

Chilled Jelly Royale with Julienne of Coconut.
A very big name for this dessert but it simply is just some jelly and coconut in some sweet syrub soup, a tad too sweet.
I forgot to take picture of the Sharks Fin but it isn't too good anyway so the picture can be missed.
Overall, the meal was so-so and seriously not worth $58+++ per person as the serving was small (suitable for small eaters).
Would only recommend this place if you want to discuss business since they have a magnificent view of the CBD area and very conducive for discussion, but for friend's gathering, stick to your Crystal Jade. Similar, if not better food, with lower prices.
Still prefer Imperial Herbal and Sinchi TCafe at Vivocity for Chinese cuisine!

Lucky there was this cute little boy to entertain us, to divert our attention from their slow service. The interval between each dish was approximately 10mins.

Go only if you are a small-eater and have a lot of cash to spare.

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Anonymous said...

YUMMMMYYY delicious i think

Marc said...

Xua, sure, left u a tag.

darkbahamut, the food is not too bad, however, its not really worth the price...