03 October 2008

Crystal Jade Dining In @ Vivocity

Met Serene up for lunch the other day. As she wouldn't be attending my birthday bash, we did a separate one at Crystal Jade Dining In at Vivocity. Initially wanted to go town for lunch but since she had to bring Georgi there for grooming, we met up there for lunch instead.

It was my first time dining at this Crystal Jade branch.

Huge place. Crowded. Had to be in the queue as usual. Seems like no matter which Crystal Jade you go, it will always be crowded.

Nice window view, but we didn't manage to get a seat near the window as we did not have prior reservations.

Love the chilli padi and chilli oil.

Glutinous Rice

Serene's delicious beef soup.

This one is some seafood wrapped in bean curb skin. Good.

Chicken feet.

The Shark Bone soup, which I thought was really awful. The "fishy" taste was very strong. I had to cover the fishy taste with a lot of chilli padi and soya sauce.

Xiao Long Bao

Prawn Dumpling

Prawn Chee Chiong Fan

Food: Average, still prefer the branch at Ngee Ann City
Ambience: Not bad, but tables are a little to near to each other, super no privacy.
Price: Appox $70.
Overall experience: Good, will visit again.

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