01 October 2008

Looking for a job?

Look no further then, ST701 is the solution.

ST701 has 4 sub-categories: Jobs, Cars, Property and Shop.

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Thus if you are a job seeker in Singapore, ST701 has made it hassle free for you. The website is very user friendly, you can search for jobs in Singapore by Category, which makes job seeking a breeze. Just click on the specific Job Category, and VOILA, you will be shown all the results of relevant jobs, its that simple!!!

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Or if you prefer to be even more specific with your search, you can go for the "Position Search" function where you will then be able to narrow down by:
- Job Function
- Job Level
- Industry

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So what are you waiting for? If you are currently seeking a job in Singapore, or intending to look for one, visit http://jobs.st701.com NOW!

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