25 October 2008

張惠妹 STAR Tour (Singapore) Part 1

Finally uploaded all the videos for A*Mei STAR Tour Concert in Singapore. However, the videos are not very clear due to lighting as well as the distance from the stage (although I was seated on the 6th row). Videos are short as I was recording them "illegally".

Nonetheless, do enjoy... Some videos are a little shaky as everyone around me were clapping, waving, shouting and screaming, thus I could not hold my camera properly...

Photos will be uploaded by end of next week!

Before the concert

Pan across half the stadium before the concert

Everyone waving their lightsticks before the concert

A*Mei singing one of my favourite songs

A*Mei talking during one of the intervals

A*Mei singing "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys

Last sentence of "Ting Hai"

The beauty of lightsticks in the dark

"Wo Yao Kuai Le"

Do visit back for the concert photos, photographs are definitely clear.

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