25 October 2008

Presents, and friends...

They say as you grow older, the number of presents you will receive decreases, I have to confirm this. I miss those days when I receive tons of presents from people, but as I grow older, my social life has downsized, I believe this applies to everyone else.

Don't your social circle become smaller as you age? Why? Because when we start working, we tend to mix around and socialise only with our collegues, and we tend to neglect the many good friends around us.

Best friends become good friends, good friends become friends, friends become acquaintances.

I am glad I threw a birthday party for myself, because I managed to catch up with many dear friends I will never have time for on normal days.

I have annual and quarterly priorities at work, I also have annual and quarterly friends in my life. These are close friends whom we only catch up once a year or once every few months. But I must say one thing, though we seldom meet up, but we know our friendship will last the distance. You know who you are.

These are some of the presents I received this year, be it big or small, I love them all!

Don't ask me why I received so many fragrances, I definitely smell good, but I guess my friends just know I love putting on perfume, next time pls get the correct ones though.
I love Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme, CK Summer, Mont Blanc Individuelle and Clinique Happy for Men.

Repent now, and get the right one for me for Christmas!

Just kidding. I will still use ALL the fragrances I received.

Thanks my dear friends!

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Anonymous said...

Wah! You received so many gifts. Especially fragrances.
I don't have money to buy them.

- Khai

Marc said...

khai, i buy for u lor...