29 October 2008


I went for my follow-up check up today and Prof Ang told me I am currently having a vision of 6/4.5!!!

Yes, you heard me right!


A good eyesight to have is 6/6 and the eyesight I have attained is better than good, Prof Ang says extremely little people have a 6/4.5 eyesight. I am so HAPPY.

When doing the eyesight test just now, it was the first time I could actually read out the super small alphabets without difficulty at all. Even I couldn't believe myself and I just read out the alphbets confidently.

I guess my Lasik Surgery was all worth it.

Thank God.

PS: 6/4.5 = 20/15

4 Macro Voice(s):

Xie Bin said...

wow! i want your eyes! :p haha! so envious of you now!

Serene said...

Tat's cool man!

Marc, 27 said...

xie bin, u can have your corrected too if u are willing to fork out the money too. All i can say is, if u want to have it, go for it!

Marc, 27 said...

serene, i know, i am really overwhelmed with happiness as well.